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A great business sign shows that a company takes pride and commitment in what they do. At DE envision, we commit outselves to give your business and unique lasting impression signage.

DE Envision Sign Sdn Bhd is a signage making company that has built its reputation for producing the best signage and raising the bar in the sign-making business in this country. Located in Kuala Lumpur, we are made up of expert craftsman, forward thinking designers and friendly salespeople. Equipped with new technology, high quality materials and an urge to push things forward, it's no surprise that many of our clients come back for our service and advice. From creating huge outdoor signage to detailed indoor signs, we boost a clientele of many famous brands from different sections of the industry such as commercial, corporate and high education industries. We are the sign making company that can deliver you top notch signs while meeting your budget and timeline.

We believe that a company's image plays and important part in forming a first impression which leads to longer and profitable relationships for potential customers. This is why we take no changes by being meticulous in crafting and producing our client's image. We believe that good business signs are a combination of understanding the business nature of out clients and going above their expectations.

With the latest state of the art technology and high quality materials in our hands, we pride ourselves in creating only the best for our clients. Combined this with our creative design capabilities and practical experience and dedicated staffs, we create signage that will give our clients' brand an everlasting impression.

Intergrated Services

As a full-service signage solution provider, our team is built with a comprehensive blend of disciplines. With our in-depth experience on design, fabrication, installation and friendly after sale services, we are able to offer aesthetic input and generate notable value to address our client's strategic concern for identity and image.
To ensure that each project meets our client's expectation, we practice efficient project planning and management from start till end by which the end result, always manages to bring a smile on our client's face.

Evolution and Improvement

We are in an enviroment of constant change. What we know today may not be applicable tomorrow, that's why at DE Envision, we are constantly looking for new ways to evolve and improve our services and production. With this mindset of raising the standards of signage solutions, we are able to produce high quality signs while still being cost effective and relevant to creating a high visual signage impact.

Innovative Technology

At DE Envision, we undertake the latest computer technology and software for the implementation of design and production of signs. With these applications in hand, we could take on many complex design and turn it into work of arts. Our use of new technology makes efficient production thus differentiating us from other signmakers in the industry.

Diverse materials

On our hands lies different and extensive networks of selected local and international suppliers. With these contacts, we are able of producing a wide range of materials eg. wood, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastics, acrylics, aluminium etc. Combining these highly sustainable materials with lights such as the latest LED lighting, neon lighting, back-lit or full frontal, projected lighting, solid lettering will serve to give our clients a wide range of choice and quality selection.